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My name is Rickard Kimby and I'm the founder of this agency. I'm 38 years old and have been working in the sport industry for the past 12 years. During my career in sports I've had a lot of different tasks and responsibilities. My main focus through these years has always been to understand the ground values of what I think success looks like. Both on and off the rink. 


My journey started right after my own carrier as a player ended and my first position was as General Manager in a small, local football club.  A few years later I had the same position in the local hockey association. I worked with sport management and marketing in hockey for four years and that's where I started my journey to be a certified players agent. I worked as a family advisor between 2017-2019 and got my license from SICOs agency program, in 2020.

Today I'm very proud to represent a lot of different personalities and ages of talented hockey players. 


Thank you for your time.


Best regards,

Rickard Kimby


Adam Carlsson
Swedish Licensed Player Agent

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